• Jamara RC Models


    In this section you will find everything in regards to rc modelling. Planes, Helicopters, Cars, Boats and Accessories. Download informative and funny videos or software for controller programming.

  • Jamara RC Toys


    Radio controlled Planes, Helicopters, Cars and Boats. No building required, all ready to have fun. Easier to control as you might think are the rc toys you buy from a modelling professional.

  • Jamara Solar


    This is our latest product range, we set, and have achieved, the goal of supplying solar powered warm water heating systems to the customer. Simple to assemble, highly efficient at a great price, thatís Jamara-Solar.

  • Jamara Bargain Corner


    Remaining stock, single pieces, spares and bargains. Order direct from Jamara to get the best prices on remaining stock items.
    Passing by is definitely worth your while.